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Craig Kenny is a professional Artist from Comber County Down Northern Ireland. His passion for Art is developed in 2 styles fused together - pop art & fine art.
He uses subcultures such as the mods, music, film and fashion to create powerful expressionists paintings. His love for dachshunds has recently captivated his mind as he fuses together those subcultures to run along side his paintings of dogs. I mean where else will you see Marty Mcfly from back to the future in the form of as a dachshund?

Craig certainly pushes the boundaries when it comes to exploration in his paintings and that's whats makes it fun for him and keeps him alive. 

Craig has recently opened up a brand new art gallery in the heart Comber square Co.Down named The Willow Tree Cafe Gallery 

The gallery offers a selection of original paintings, hand embellished prints, with gift and merchandise section. It also offers a trendy cafe bar serving Italian coffee, teas, desserts, a new extension of his family's own business The Willow Tree Restaurant.

check out The Willow Tree Cafe Gallery, 10 comber square Co.Down bt235td

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